URGENT! 23-3-22 USA Warehouse relocating of route to Malaysia from Oregon (OR) --> New Jersey (NJ)

时间:2022-03-23 13:10:44

Good day to you. Thank you for your continued support of using shipping service from USA to Malaysia.

As for the information, we have been moving our service departure branch from New Jersey to Oregon since May of last year.
In this regard, the service has been smoothly carried out until today.

Due to the pandemic situation that has been going on for the past 2 years caused to airfare ,oil prices, and labor costs increase in the US, we have no choice but to review the Oregon warehouse relocations again for overall service reorganization and efficiency inventory.

We ask for your cooperation in advance by referring to the following information.

The new USA warehouse will be moving back to New Jersey (NJ) previous warehouse again.
In order to enjoy free of tax when placing order online, all parcels will be sending to Delaware (DE) warehouse (tax free state) first and transit to New Jersey for processing shipment.

First of all, please do not worry or panic if your parcel is on the way to current Oregon warehouse, we still able to arrange for shipment depart from Oregon until the last shipment which is on 7th April (Thu). Cutoff date will be 31st March.

At the same time if you are going to place new order now and onwards, we suggest for your immediate action to change to Delaware warehouse address as of today to avoid any delays.

The detailed schedule will be announced separately as soon as the flight is booked. The above date is subject to change depending on the cargo volume of the Oregon warehouse.

For those parcels that not able to onboard from Oregon warehouse will be transported to New Jersey warehouse and may be delayed for about 1-2 weeks due to transportation preparation and transfer period.
Oregon warehouse will be permanently close by 15th April.
So please take notes to arrange your parcels to avoid any delay.

Kindly read carefully below notice, we will guide you for the changes.
The Delaware warehouse is just for receiving parcels only and will be transported to New Jersey, then inspected and shipped out at the New Jersey warehouse.
Parcel delivered before 12 noon at the Delaware (DE) branch will be transferred to New Jersey (NJ) on the same day, and items arriving in the afternoon will be transferred the next day.

Delaware (DE) Warehouse address:

You may use the Delaware address below as your new address.

Receiver: Vipstore MY

Address Line1: 430 E AYRE ST.

Address Line2: GSIMY-VIPSTORE VIP***(your vip code) <--Very important



Zip Code: 19804

TEL : 201-345-3532

*Please be sure to indicate the MY-VIPSTORE VIP*** marking.

Please whatsapps us if you still have outstanding parcel which is already arrived OR warehouse for month Jan/Feb/Mar but not yet update status of "Arrival" in system latest by 1st April (FRI). After the last departure date from OR on 7th April, all the outstanding or incoming parcel at Oregon warehouse, we will transfer to New Jersey warehouse accordingly and may cause to shipment delays. So please take note on the changes.

Please refer to the above information, and if you have any inquiries, please contact or WhatsApp us at +6017-376 5495 or +6012-414 6055.

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