Important Note:
- Please take note that shipping fee for air shipment is charged according to the larger one
between actual weight and volumetric weight.

- Measurement In Weight (Volumetric)    Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) / 6000=Kgs
- Volumetric weight will apply when higher than gross weight
- Waived volumetric weight upto 3kg for parcel with A3 size plastic bag(30x42cm),carton
box parcel not included.

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Parcel Restrictions:
Size limitation
- Each side cannot exceed 100CM and the sum of all 3 sides cannot exceed 180CM.
If the parcel exceeds any of the above limitations, additional charges may be required. The
parcel may also be rejected by the overseas warehouse.

Weight limitation
- Every single shipment (Per Tracking number) must not exceed 30 KG.
Only apply for KOREA shipping service.
- Recently many customer facing high volume metric weight cause of improper packaging from
seller.Our company offer discount for those  parcel which  volumetric weight is high but light in
actual weight.

- VM weight( >= 100%) of actual weight ,charged weight will get 20%  discount of volume metric

- VM weight (>= 200% ) of actual weight ,charged weight half of volume metric weight+actual

- Example1: 
- Actual weight 1.1 kg, volumetric weight 2.50 kg (>= 100% or more of actual weight )
- Charge weight =2.50kg x 0.8= 2kg
- Example 2:
- Actual weight 2.3kg, volumetric weight 17.33kg (>= 200% or more of actual weight )
- Charge weight =(17.33kg+2.3kg )/2=9.82kg 
- *This offer is suitable for parcel which is light but big size.
- All parcel under this requirement will be open and repacking when ship out from
Malaysia warehouse.We will not be responsible if short of any items.Order will take
1-3 days to process.

- Please inform our CS your order number if your parcel fullfill the requirement before
payment made.We will not entertaint for pricing revision once payment made.Thank you.

- Commence on 1st July 2021.

Suspect of prohibited or damaged parcel
- To reduce customs clearance issues, our warehouse may open parcels and investigate
parcels without prior notice.

Prohibited Item cannot be loaded on an aircraft.
- Items that cannot be transported by air are a product regulated by the US TSA (Airline
Administration).Freighters loaded with general cargo cannot adjust the air pressure, so if
the airpressure rises more than 10,000 feet , product leakage or explosion may occur due
to the pressure difference.

- All rechargeable batteries containing lithium, such as lithium-ion-Can be shipped if they are
inside the machine or installed in the machine :Typically, additional battery products for mobile
phones, batteries and cases can be transported together:batteries and case separate types
cannot be transported.(Please enquiry to CS for confirmation if you are not sure)

- Liquids that may damage human skin and eyes when exposed-Highly acidic acid (ACID)
liquid, coffee machine cleaning liquid, electric razor cleaning liquid (typically Brown product
anti-fault / but Philips products can be shipped).

- Products in pill form can be shipped.
- Gas-filled spray (typical flammable product) such like hair spray, paint spray, hair mousse, etc.
- Oil-based paints cannot be transported, water-based paints can be transported.
- Products marked with a flammable, dangerous goods mark or symbol.
- Products containing compressed gas such as co2 cylinder and carbonated beverages.
- Compressor products that use compressed gas in a wine refrigerator.
- Various adult products, drugs, and weapons (including guns/knives, toys but similar products)
are prohibited in most countries. 

- E-cigarette, hoverboard. It is said that products with batteries inside the machine can be
transported, but the two products above are a product that cannot be transported due to the
case of an explosion accident during use.

- Manicure products, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive. The above two products contain a large
amount of explosive components (alcohol, hydrogen) and cannot be shipped. And most of
the products have a flammable mark.

* If you are not sure about the item condition ,please inquiry us in advance before you proceed
to place order.Thank you.

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